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Everyone wants to be a success. It is possible with the right guidance. This book helps you help yourself achieve your definition of success for your life. Learn how to think with the success and prosperous mindset. Let the proven techniques on these pages work for you!

Life Changing Books

Glean the wisdom of over 25 years of experience and research. Great gift idea for the success driven person in your life.

Open the Safe of Resurrect Success Now
Resurrect yourself for Success. Set yourself free from:

  • Negatives from your past that you have been holding on to.
  • Negatives in your present life you still engage in.
  • Negatives you are contemplating about your future.

Set yourself free for success and to succeed


The 19th Power

Tap into your 19 th power within you. How to use 19 th Power strong commands, to manifest in you, and manifest in your life, what you say.


Open the Safe of Success

Resurrect your goals, dreams, and desires, then achieve them. Overcome life’s challenges.


Open the Safe of Be a Millionaire Now

There are six levels to money. Six levels to being a Millionaire. Now. Learn the six levels, Now.


Open the Safe of Be a Millionaire or Billionaire Now

Being a Millionaire or Billionaire, is based on the law of cause and effect, and how you can use these laws to be a Millionaire or Billionaire, Now.


Positive Revenge

Positive Revenge provides you a powerful weapon to succeed. Clean out negative poison in you. Hurt your adversaries in a positive way that benefits you, and them.


Success Resurrection by a Success Ressurector

100% Guaranteed proof, you are a born winner. Get 100 years of living out of your life, guaranteed. Learn how negative power has been put in place, to stop you from succeeding, and how you overcome this negative power and succeed.


Open the Safe of Winners

Why some people are winners, and why other people are losers. Learn the process of overcoming: defeat, failures, and setbacks. Overcome alcoholism, gambling, drugs, homelessness, being suicidal, and homicidal.


Right Choice Success

Internal Development for Internal Success. External Development for External Success. What happens inside of you, affects what happens on the outside of you, and what happens inside of you, affects what happens inside of you. Develop success inside you, and develop success outside of you.


Success Words for Success

Words have atomic power. Learn how the words you use, think, say, and contemplate, gives you what you say.


Positive or Negative Revenge

A first of its kind. Positive or negative revenge. Let me explain the difference, to you. You really want to know.


Success Ressurector

Resurrect yourself, and your life from the living dead, for success. Be set free from the chains and bondage of the living dead. Set free from negatives from your past. Set free from negatives in your present life. Set free from negatives you may be contemplating about your future.


Open the Safe of Thoughts for Success

Thoughts of what you already know, but are being reminded of.


Open the Safe of Affirmations for Success

Say these words, and receive the results you say.


Open the Safe of Purpose, Power & Prosperity

You have to have purpose in your life, in order to have more power, and prosperity.
  • Learn what purpose is.
  • Learn how to use power.
  • Obtain prosperity.


Metaphysical Science for Success

Tap into the power you have in you, the same way we have tapped into the power of electricity, tv signals, and radio signals. Learn the six levels of manifesting what you desire. The love, health, positive energy, success, youthfulness, money, prosperity, and wealth. The power in this book, is so powerful, you have to sign an agreement to only use it for good and positivity for yourself and for other people.


Success as a Way of Life

Success as a way of life, is a lifestyle you learn to live. The same way you live a religion and the same way you breathe air everyday as a way of life.


Success Babeez

Prepare your child for success, before you are pregnant, while you are pregnant, and once your baby is born and while you are raising your child.


10 * Star Og : My True Story

You have heard of gunslingers, now meet the first slinger. True story of how one person stood up to: Bullies, thugs, hitmen, gangsters, and gangs, to become a legend and one of the most prolific people to come out of the state of New Jersey. All without using a gun, or gang. This is not to glamorize fighting. This is to shed some light on how we have to stand up for ourselves growing up and as an adult.


Stop your Excuses: From Stopping your success

Stop excuses for being poor, on welfare, and broke. Stop the boogie man from haunting you out of your success.


Success Help Network

Success is like you driving your car on a road. You have to be alert and focused. Do not let distractions take you off your destination of your journey. The road of success for your life works the same way.


What you will learn from our books

The knowledge you gain from reading these best sellers is priceless. You will be able to visualize what you want to achieve and take the steps to manifest it.

Develop the Success Mindset

Everything that is manifested in the world started as a thought. Your thoughts are more powerful than you think.

Steps to manifestation

There are steps each phase of matter goes through from conception of the thought to the physical manifestation.

Subliminal Suggestion

The things you hear and see influence your thinking. Your language is important in that it programs your subconscious mind.

What Our Readers Are Saying

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Reading Success Resurrector has definitely been a game changer for me. It’s perspective on things is so clear and Dr. AJ is so knowledgeable that he taught me and showed me a totally new way to view myself and my own capabilities, and now I’m reaching goals within weeks that I thought would take longer.

Amanda Watson

CEO, VegFest London

I’m an avid reader of self help. I really want to be the best I can be ever since I graduated from college and entered the work force. Dr. AJ’s books have helped me help myself to achieve the success in life I’m working to achieve.

Stephen Jones

CTO, XYZ Company

About Author

Dr. AJ is the #1 authority and expert in the field of Success Ressurection

Dr. AJ Rolls

America's #1 Success Resurrector

He is the creator of Success Resurrector, Success Resurrection and the Science of Success Resurrection philosophy, formulated into systematic knowledge.

The Success Resurrection experience you have, will be provided through the instructions and information you receive, that will enable you to have your own personal success resurrection experience that includes resurrecting yourself:

  • Soulfully
  • Spiritually
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Physically
  • Financially
  • Situationally
  • Opportunities

Dr. AJ Rolls is a Success Resurrector & a Science of Success Philosophy Professor and a metaphysician. He helps people to resurrect success in their life, learn the science of success and succeeding, then live success as a way of life.


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