Life Changing CDs

Glean the wisdom of over 25 years of experience and research. Great gift idea for the success driven person in your life.

Now is your time.

  • Resurrect your definition of success for your life, and live your definition of success for your life.
  • Help yourself, and improve yourself in 29 areas of your life.
  • Warning: This program works right away, as soon as you open it, and listen to it.

Set yourself free for success and to succeed


Give yourself a quick success resurrection. Get rid of:
  • Generational family curses.
  • Curses on you, and on your life.
  • Proof you are a winner.


  • Get a second chance in your life.
  • Overcome the bad things people did to you.
  • Turn the negatives people did to you, into positives.
  • Formula for positive revenge.

Punch 4 Your Health

Get in shape and staying in shape Learn how to apply the:
  • 10 count warm up punches while using my secret weapon.
  • 5 levels of punching to apply the 10 level punching program. While using my secret weapon

Punch 4 Your Protection

Punching Instructional video. Learn how to:
  • Improve your ability to protect yourself.
  • Apply your 10 count warm up punches.
  • Punch your heavy bag to apply the 10 levels of punching.
  • 3 levels of fights you have to apply while working out on your heavy bag.

Punch 4 Your Fun

Work out video known as. Learn how to have fun while you:
  • Run & punch dance forward.
  • Run & punch dance backwards.
  • Walk & punch dance forward.
  • Walk & punch dance backwards.

Punch 4 Your Success

New approach to punching instructional video. Guaranteed to help: A person that desires to learn the science and art of punching
  • Improve your punching ability from 50% to 100%
  • Learn the 10 count punching warm up technique
  • Learn the 10 levels of offensive punching
  • Improve your self confidence
  • Acquire a positive self image