Punch 4 Your Success

New approach to punching instructional video.
Guaranteed to help: A person that desires to learn the science and art of punching

  1. Improve your punching ability from 50% to 100%
    1. Learn the 10 count punching warm up technique
    2. Learn the 10 levels of offensive punching
  2. Professional Boxers
  3. Olympic Boxers
  4. MMA Fighters
  5. Martial Arts punchers
  6. Improve your self confidence
  7. Acquire a positive self image

Invest in your success

Investment is $100 for your DVD


Punch 4 Your Health

Get in shape and staying in shape
Learn how to apply the:

  1. 10 count warm up punches while using my secret weapon.
  2. 5 levels of punching to apply the 10 level punching program. While using my secret weapon

Invest in your health

Investment is $100 for your DVD


Punch 4 Your Protection

Punching Instructional video.
Learn how to:

  1. Improve your ability to protect yourself.
  2. Apply your 10 count warm up punches.
  3. Punch your heavy bag to apply the 10 levels of punching.
  4. 3 levels of fights you have to apply while working out on your heavy bag.

Invest in your protection

Investment is $50 for your DVD


Punch 4 Your Fun

Work out video known as.
Learn how to have fun while you:

  1. Run & punch dance forward.
  2. Run & punch dance backwards.
  3. Walk & punch dance forward.
  4. Walk & punch dance backwards.

Invest in your fun

Investment is $50 for your DVD


  1. Give yourself a quick success resurrection.
  2. Get rid of:
    • Generational family curses.
    • Curses on you, and on your life.
  3. Proof you are a winner.

Comes with Book, CD & DVD


  1. Get a second chance in your life.
  2. Overcome the bad things people did to you.
  3. Turn the negatives people did to you, into positives.
  4. Learn how to:
    •Forgive yourself.
    •Forgive a person or people.
  5. Formula for positive revenge.

Comes with Book, CD & DVD


  1. Now is your time.
  2. Resurrect your definition of success for your life, and live your definition of success for your life.
  3. Help yourself, and improve yourself in 29 areas of your life.
  4. Warning: This program works right away, as soon as you open it, and listen to it.

Comes with Book, CD & DVD


  1. Soap and water for your: Soul, Spirit, Mind, Emotions, your internal, and external self.
  2. Acknowledge, unlock, activate, then tap into and use the power that created you, to create in you, and create in your life, these 19th Power words.
  3. Program your conscience self, for success.
  4. Program your subconscious mind for success.
  5. Command the life force that created you, to create for you, these words from 19 th Power.

Comes with Book, 19 posters, CD & DVD